• A very special invitation

Is your child about to celebrate a special occasion with her friends? First challenge: the invitations. Some buy them, but it’s more common to make your own. There are all sorts of ways to do this, of course, but Arnidol® shows you how to make them in a way that’s easy, cheap and fun. And they mean even more if the kids get involved in the process!


The first invitation looks like a notebook. This will stimulate the kids’ creativity on the cover. Ask them how they would like to illustrate the invitation. Is the occasion a birthday? Maybe they’d like to use a photo. Is it a theme party? Then… how about a motif on the same topic? For this type of invitation, you’ll find specialised magazines (cars, aeroplanes, etc.), invaluable because they have great colour photos.


  1. Select your photos or drawings (without any superimposed print) and cut them out.
  2. Stick them onto a brightly coloured card. Make sure you use the right glue and a mini roller to stop the photos from wrinkling.
  3. Once the photos are stuck, trim the card leaving a ‘frame’ that follows the original outline.
  4. Now make the notebooks, which will be size DIN-A 4 or half of DIN-A 4, folded in half. Don’t fold them for the moment. Buy glazed paper in a colour your child likes and stick it onto a fairly thick piece of white paper. This makes the covers stiffer and gives the inside the right texture to write on or colour.
  5. Apply glue to the outside of the notebook. Use the roller again to smooth the paper out. Don’t use too much glue, otherwise it will ooze over the edges.


The world of homemade invitations is huge. Print pics of Hello Kitty if your little girl is a fan. Or make the cover and let your child draw her own designs with coloured crayons. Make an invitation in the shape of a banana or a ladybird…that opens. Bows are always a hit. What do you think? Make you child the hostess with the mostess!


Have you made invitations for your children’s parties? Share it! Send us a photo or video and step-by-step instructions!




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