• Being the belle of the ball needn’t be expensive

At Arnidol® we want you to enjoy your kid’s fancy dress parties as much as they do without them costing an arm and a leg, so we’ve come up with a few ideas for you to make their costumes at home. Cheap doesn’t have to mean nasty. Don’t they look cute? They’ll be the belle of the ball!

Bubble gum machine

Remember the machine with the glass ball full of gum balls in different colours and flavours? Bet you that more than once your kids have stood enthralled by one those machines. Want to be a hit at the next party? Dress them as one!

One way to make this costume is to follow the steps on the blog Inchmark. You’ll need: a red skirt and T-shirt; grey, white and black felt; a large transparent plastic bowl and another smaller one; a plastic plate the same diameter as the large bowl; a red beanie hat and large gumballs.

  1. Cut the parts of the machine from the felt (price, opening they come out of and handle).
  2. Glue the small bowl in the centre of the plate, half-fill the large bowl with gumballs, and glue the plate with the small bowl on top. This is worn on the tummy.
  3. Put red ribbon around the bowl to decorate and support the weight of the gumballs.
  4. Add a red beanie for the lid of the machine.

There is another even simpler way to make this costume. You’ll need a large transparent plastic bag, card and coloured balloons. Make the lower part of the machine from card. Fill the plastic bag with coloured balloons and tie around the child’s neck. Good enough to eat!


Peter Pan

This is one of the most popular and cutest costumes for kids and babies. But you don’t have to buy it in a shop; if you can use a sewing machine, you can make it yourself, as suggested on the blog Make It & Love It!

  1. Start by folding a piece of green fleece in half. This will be your Peter Pan’s top, so make sure you get the measurements right. In the centre along the fold, cut the neck in V-shape in the front and a slight scoop on the back. Hem the bottom. You don’t need any sort of fastening, but if you want a ‘more professional’ look, cut up the centre back and sew on Velcro pieces so you can adjust the fit.
  2. Leaving enough width to be able to cinch in the waist with a belt, shape some sleeves and cut them into points. Do the same around the bottom edge of the top.
  3. If you know enough to sew some pants, make them leggings-style in a slightly darker green than the top. If you’re not that skilled, you can always buy some.
  4. To make the hat, the easiest thing is to cut brown fabric (preferably the same type as the top) in a scalene triangle shape, the shortest side being the back, and the opposite, longest side slightly curved. Cut out another scalene triangle with the longest side almost straight, to make the brim. Cut two of each triangle. Sew the larger triangles together leaving the bottom edges open. Sew the brim triangles together along the short edge and attach to the hat, matching the seams. Fold up the brim and sew over the seam at the back to keep the brim from unfolding. Sew on some elastic to stop the hat from falling off while Peter’s battling Hook. Add a red feather inside the brim and sew in place.


With a belt and short toy sword you can find in the shops or make yourself with a little imagination, you’ll have a great fancy dress costume in no time! If your child is a little older, he can help make the costume, which will make it even more special. When you see him dressed as Peter Pan, you won’t want him to ever grow up.


Clark Kent, the superhero in a suit

One of the most worn fancy dress costumes boys wear is Superman: underpants, cape, red boots and blue T-shirt with the famous ‘S’ in a pentagon. But there’s a simpler, more surprising version. How about dressing your son up as his alter ego Clark Kent? Imagine him dressed as a handsome journalist who hides his superpowers under an ordinary appearance

  1. You’ll need a blue T-shirt with the Superman logo.
  2. Dress the little on in a shirt, jacket and tie like a grown-up, with his Superman T-shirt underneath.
  3. Get some horn-rimmed glasses (which Clark Kent hides his X-ray vision behind) and some hair gel, give him a bit of a fringe to look the part. And your son’s ready to save the planet!


Have you made a costume for your kids that they look adorable in? Share it!



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