• Home remedies for minor injuries

  • Arnidol® provides natural home remedies that can be useful for minor injuries and irritations in children.
  • These traditional remedies are no substitute for a visit to the paediatrician.
  • Always have Arnidol® gel stick in your first aid kit to treat knocks and bumps.



Traditional natural remedies can often provide real relief for baby’s teething troubles or an insect bite. We give you a few such remedies that you will find helpful. But if symptoms worsen, see your paediatrician.


1. If your little one has teething pain… 
    …buy soft plastic water-filled teething rings from the chemist’s and put them in the fridge. Chewing on it provides relief for baby’s gums. You can also massagebaby’s gums with chamomile oil.
3. If your baby has cradle cap…
    …massage her scalp with olive oil and it will gradually clear up. Cradle cap is flaky scalp (similar to dandruff) that is a common but harmless condition that is merely a cosmetic issue.
4. For insect bites and minor burns…
    …in the chemist’s you can find marigold cream and ointment that reduces swelling and redness.
5. If your child has a cough… 
    …cut an onion in half and leave it in her room during the night. 

6. If she has bronchiolitis…
    …try clapping, a technique that involves gentlyslapping the child on the back with a cupped hand, which helps loosen mucus and move it out of her lungs. Five-minute sessions are recommended. It is very easy to do and causes no discomfort to the child.

7. If she has a blocked nose…
    …pour boiling water into a bowl and add 7 or 8 drops of thyme essential oil, cover your child’s head with a towel and let her breathe in the steam for a few minutes. You can do this several times a day. Eucalyptus steam inhalations are also very effective, but never for children under 3 years of age.
8. For sore throats…
    …gargling with warm oat water. Mix 50 grams of oatmeal in a litre of mineral water, leave to stand for 20 minutes and strain. Let your child gargle with the water obtained several times a day.
9. If your child has frequent ear infections…
    …you should know that consuming too much cow’s milk can lead to recurrent ear infections, as it is allergenic. Although we know that it is difficult to eliminate dairy products from the diet, try replacing cow’s milk with oat or soy milk for a while.
10. For sticky eyes and conjunctivitis…
     …an effective remedy is to bathe the eyes several times a day with chamomile tea

11. For insecure and shy children or for those that are restless and have boundless energy…
     …Bach Flower Remedies are natural methods of healing that can rebalance the child’s energy and, consequently her temperament. They can be used as follows:

    • CHICORY to accept rules better
    • MIMULUS to overcome shyness and be more sociable
    • WALNUT to feel more secure
    • IMPATIENS to be less impatient
    • LARCH for greater self-confidence



Musts for your first aid kit

At home you must be prepared to deal with the typical falls, knocks and scrapes children get while playing. Make sure you always have the following in your medicine cupboard:

      • Scissors
      • Gauze
      • Surgical tape and plasters
      • Motion sickness bracelet, ideal when travelling by car
      • Arnidol® gel stick to ease bumps and bruises and to cool and soothe your child’s skin








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